Roofs are susceptible to wind and hail damages. Damages can be cosmetic or functional; however, cosmetic roof damages, including broken edges, can lead to severe complications. Such roof impairment can be destructive, causing costly expenses to your home. However, apart from extreme weather conditions, hail damage can go unnoticed from the ground. But, the damage can vary greatly depending upon the different shapes and sizes of hail and wind speed and direction, leading to severe damage to roofing and other exterior components.

Here are the five ways in which wind and hail can damage roofs:

Granules missing from shingles

Granules are sandpaper-like parts of the shingles. Both wind and hail can cause loss of granules. When roof shingles loose granules, the asphalt coating is left exposed to the elements, leading to stimulated aging of your roof. While looking for the signs of hail or wind damage, make sure to look in your downspouts or gutters for granules after a hailstorm.

Edge of roof curling from peeling shingles

Shingles cease water leakage. Therefore, losing shingles can lead to water damage and quick deterioration of your roof. During strong winds, the edges and other significant points on the top are most likely to sustain the pressure. Hence, your roofing professionals will do a detailed inspection to look for shingles that are curling and beginning to peel

Entire shingles missing from the roof

Strong winds and hailstorms can weaken the seal integrity and completely rip off the shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable to damage. After severe weather, if you notice that your roof is missing shingles, it is a sign of a damaged roof. In such a time, calling a storm damage roof expert for help is the best way to address the problem.

Cracks or tears on the roof

High winds and rigid hail impacts can torment your roofing shingles and cause cracks. It can lead your roof to be exposed, leaving your roof with bare spots. Since cracked shingles cannot provide adequate protection to your roof, it is best to get it fixed by professionals quickly.

Damaged soffit or fascia

Like shingles, soffit and fascia also help retain the water away from the roof to prevent leakages. However, intense hail and wind can damage the soffit and fascia, leading them to make your home open and vulnerable to water damage and stray critters to sneak in. Hails and wind can lose, crack, bend, and knock off loose fascia entirely.

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